One of the factors of our success and unique curriculum with children is our new Spartan’s Trading Cards set which were inspired by our Top Secret Scientist Trading Cards – the #1 selling science education product in America!  Our goal is for all children to have a long term commitment to the many opportunities of fitness and healthy living. The cards get kids to continue this process with a combination of memory fulfillment and future program opportunities. We want them to think about how important fitness is today and tomorrow and every day for the rest of their lives.

The cards come as a set of 250 and are a combination of:

  • Famous fitness people both past and current
  • The best exercises that will keep anyone fit
  • Inventors of exercise and fitness concepts, products and services
  • Famous fitness and health companies
  • Fitness practices
  • Ancient Spartans whom for hundreds of years were some of the best warriors in the old world